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Nunchuck Charlie: A Love Story Flash Game Review

Sunday, April 06, 2014 ?Robbie Clark ?
Link:?Nunchuck Charlie: A Love Story
Developed by DeadToast Entertainment
Sponsored by ArmorGames
Genre: Action
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 7.5/10

Playing through?Nunchuck Charlie: A Love Story is literally like playing a weird a good way. Everything from the backstory to the environments you're in is weird but cute and just crazy! You see, in?Nunchuck Charlie: A Love Story you play as a guy who is obsessed with two things; his nunchucks and his teddy bear. So when his teddy bear is kidnapped by a pigeon you go and chase him down to a weird world.

What follows is pretty great. Or at least looks great and impressive. The worlds are vibrantly colored and full of just weird things. Fighting bear police officers, boss battle with a giraffe moles, giant sentiment carrots, etc. So in that aspect I applaud the developers for making such an interesting environment. However, when it comes down to the meat and gravy of it all?Nunchuck Charlie: A Love Story doesn't quite stack up.

This is mainly because the controls. For one they are very simple. Can either hit rapidly or do a charge shot but nothing else. Secondly, the way the enemies hit you is almost unavoidable so you'll always be taking damage eventually. I guess I just think it was a wasted opportunity not to have items you could pick up, upgrades, or something like that to make the game less repetitive and more fun. Overall though I like where?Nunchuck Charlie: A Love Story is going and really like the style DeadToast brought so I can't wait to see what else they whip up.

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