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Loot Heroes Flash Game Review

Tuesday, April 08, 2014 ?Robbie Clark ?

Link:?Loot Heroes
Developed by Vitaly
Sponsored by A10
Genre: RPG/Action
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 8/10

Roguelikes/dungeon crawlers are probably my favorite genre as of now, I just absolutely love them. So when I saw that Vitaly (of the?Endless War?franchise) put out one called Loot Heroes?I had to check it out. What I got was actually pretty good although it does need some rough edges ironed out.

First the good. Graphically Loot Heroes is pretty well done and there is tons of detail put into the characters themselves. With that being said there is also a great deal of variety in playable characters (and you earn more as you play), enemies and items (it isn't called Loot?Heroes for no reason). Gameplay is simple click to move and click to select a specific enemy to attack although you also attack automatically. In typical dungeon crawler fashion you move from level to level defeating enemies and collecting better and better loot. Sounds great and Loot Heroes does a pretty good job at it.

However I do have some slight issues with it all. It is fairly repetitive due to the relatively uninspired enemies that just do the same types of attacks. There are tons of different characters to play as with different powers/attributes that adds nonrepetitive factors. I also found the controls to be rather clunky and could be smoothed out as could the general interface. I also think it would be nice to add more detail in terms of the RPG. As of now you can have a weapon, a ring and a necklace. More detail would be amazing although I suppose the simplicity is on purpose. Overall, Loot Heroes?is a pretty fun game to waste some hours on.

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