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Curl Up and Fly Flash Game Review

Thursday, June 12, 2014 ?Robbie Clark ?
Link:?Curl Up and Fly
Developed by Jmtb02
Art by Jimp
Sponsored by Kongregate
Genre: Launcher
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 7/10

Always a pleasure to play and review a Jmtb02 game especially with Jimp's art. Their latest game on Kongregate is called Curl Up and Fly (get it?) which is a typical launcher/upgrade game where you shoot an armadillo as far as you can. Now there is already a popular endless runner with an armadillo mascot (Dillo Hills) but I think there is room for two.

At its basic core I will admit I was slightly disappointed at Curl Up and Fly. The reason is it is just too simple. Shoot the armadillo out of a cannon, hope to hit things, use a jetpack to sort of keep afloat. It seems Curl Up and Fly went back to basics of Kitten Cannon and such with their typical charm. Nothing wrong with this but it didn't really "wow" me. The upgrade system in Curl Up and Fly is the main deciding factor and is at least interesting. The system is a spiderweb system where there are many upgrades to choose from (the same categories though) and paths to take. Each path ends up unlocking a bonus Kongpanion though which gives you an extra boost. As you unlock more you will begin to see the strategy in these Kongpanions. Overall though Curl Up and Fly is rather basic but still a lot of fun to play.

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