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Top Flash Games Like 2048

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 ?Robbie Clark ?
A few days ago I wrote a review on a little game called 2048 that seems to be sweeping the internet. As like with most of these viral flash games (such as Cookie Clicker and?Flappy Bird), there are now tons of similar flash games to 2048 to try and capitalize or just get in on the fad. SO I decided to make a list of the best ones I've found.
2584 Fibonacci plays just like the original 2048 but with one major uses the Fibonacci sequence! So instead of combining two 2s to make a 4 and etc. You have to follow the sequence, so it goes like 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21....etc. Kind of confusing if you don't know the sequence but an interesting and fun twist.
2048 4D is what the title suggest... playing the base game of 2048 in 4D! How it works is you have four 4x4 grids that have their tiles controlled by the keypad. Then you can sort of swap the different grids using WASD. This requires using some good dimensional thinking to get right. There is also a 3D version that plays similarly.
Flappy 2048... I'm sure you all expected this, a flappy bird clone using 2048. This is the simplest and maybe the one that takes the lowest hanging fruit but it is still interesting.
9007199254740992 is what you get when you take the base 2048 game and just make it absolutely ridiculous. It is literally the same game but on an 8x8 grid. You won't have an issue getting to 2048 in this game...but getting to?9007199254740992 is literally impossible!
Doge 2048 is much fun, so amaze, many points, etc. The only one on this list that has different graphics and it is amazing! Each "number" is a different Doge face and of course the screen is full of colors and text bits with Doge phrases.

As a bonus I'll link to Auto 2048 for those who are having an impossible time getting to 2048 in the real game. It does as it says and runs 2048 base game automatically!

Also as a bonus I'm going to mention that the original 2048 was a "clone" of sorts itself of 1024 which is a mobile version that is heavily similar.

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