2015年1月20日 星期二

Hextris Flash Game Spotlight

Monday, August 18, 2014 ?Robbie Clark ?
Developed by Logan Engstrom & Garrett Finucane
Genre: Action

Tetris is a game that is more of a style almost genre of game nowadays and has a huge influence. So much that a lot of games take the basic Tetris like gameplay but add some crazy twists to it. Hextris is one of these amazing Tetris twist games.

As you may be able to guess, Hextris plays like Tetris but around a hexagon instead of a single linear line/column .Colored lines fall and you can rotate the hexagon so you have 6 sides to play with. Any combination of three same colored lines clears them to give you room for more. Now I have played similar games to Hextris so by no means is Hextris that?unique but it does look very professional/minimalistic which I love. Also worth mentioning is that the difficulty curve in Hextris ?really picks up. Personally I would have preferred a more gradual curve but the straight difficulty might be a lot of fun for some people. Overall Hextris is certainly worth playing and checking out.

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