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Coming Out Simulator 2014 Flash Game Spotlight

Wednesday, July 02, 2014 ?Robbie Clark ?
Link:?Coming Out Simulator 2014
Developed by Nicky Case
Genre: Story

Today I'm going to do a flash game spotlight on a really interesting game I came across the other day. The game is called Coming Out Simulator 2014?and as you can perhaps guess it is a game where you finally come out as being gay to your parents.?Coming Out Simulator 2014 is based on the half true real life story of developer Nicky Case.

Now I am not gay but I still felt that?Coming Out Simulator 2014 was a great game that not only hits home for people who have come out and their experiences but also gives a good insight in general to the process and how hard it can be. Gameplay is?Coming Out Simulator 2014 ?is very simple as it is basically a text based decision game where you choose the dialogue in the situations. Overall?Coming Out Simulator 2014 really paints what I feel is a fairly realistic scene for what coming out as gay can really be. Bravo to Nicky Case.

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