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Cardinal Quest 2 Flash Game Review

Tuesday, May 06, 2014 ?Robbie Clark ?
Link:?Cardinal Quest 2
Developed by Randomnine
Sponsored by Kongregate
Genre: Action/RPG
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 910

It has been years since the first Cardinal Quest game came out and I reviewed it?but now Randomnine has put out a sequel that I am finally getting around to playing. I must say that this time around with?Cardinal Quest 2 everything is greatly improved.

What you get with?Cardinal Quest 2 is more of what you know and love from the original. Great procedurally generated maps that fit the roguelike genre so well. Everything is depicted with amazing retro pixel art as well.?Cardinal Quest 2 has added some new things and basically smoothed everything out in my opinion. I will say that I don't remember too well the original as it has been years but from what I remember?Cardinal Quest 2 is a big step up. The whole interface works better in terms of finding gear, using potions and powers. Also found the environments/levels more interactive and detailed. Overall,?Cardinal Quest 2 is great fun and a game that you must play if you like action RPGs or roguelikes.

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