2013年12月22日 星期日

B.C. Bow Contest 紀元前射箭大賽

遊戲類型 : 射擊遊戲 Shooting Game

遊戲玩法 : 滑鼠 Mouse

遊戲說明 : 這是個畫面很可愛的原始人射箭比賽遊戲 隨著關卡的前進 玩家將會遇到許多不同的挑戰與考驗 考驗玩家的手穩的程度以及準確度 玩家可以選擇不同的箭 來完成這些挑戰 取得最高分

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The trick here is to learn how to play with angles. Taking a side on view, your friendly Flintstone is controlled by clicking the left mouse button, moving the cursor up and down behind him determining the direction of fire and letting go sending your arrow skywards. With just a short dashed line predicting its take-off, learning how to accurately determine just where your shot will end up is the difference between success and failure, and a notion that only comes with repeated play.

 Not that that's a problem. With six different 'cups' to play in from the get go (each one consisting of three or more different rounds in which to knock up points, depending on the difficulty setting), B.C. Bow Contest is full of variety without being overly complicated, the content of the levels changing rather than the aim or controls.
While the majority of the cups focus on hitting a traditional target set-up (the closer you get to the centre, the more points you pick up), play really lets loose with the 'balloon cup', points on offer for taking out the scores of balloons that float overhead. Moving targets also begin to feature later on, the mighty moving target boards that feature in the 'rock cup' especially hard to find, even more so when combined with yet more balloons in the 'fire cup'.

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