2012年7月20日 星期五

Stalingrad TD 二次大戰 史達林格勒 版

遊戲類型 : 戰略遊戲 Strategic Game

遊戲玩法 : 滑鼠 Mouse

遊戲說明 : 一款以二次世界大戰為背景的守城TD遊戲,你要扮演俄軍防守德國的大舉入侵。

The objective of the game is to place defensive weapons in proper positions to guard your base. You can upgrade your defenses as you like. A strategy would be to try and be diverse because sticking to one type of weapon will not make you win. Try to kill all units for maximum gold and better defenses in the coming rounds. Watch our for air units.



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