2012年7月9日 星期一

Bowmaster Prelude 箭術大師守城

遊戲類型 : 射擊遊戲 ShootGame

遊戲玩法 : 鍵盤 KeyBoard

遊戲說明 : 很好玩的城堡攻防戰 使用弓箭來防守城堡 隨著等級的提升有不同的武力 要準確的射中敵人需要仔細的控制滑鼠拉弓的力道與角度

很好玩的城堡攻防戰 使用弓箭來防守城堡 隨著等級的提升有不同的武力 要準確的射中敵人需要仔細的控制滑鼠拉弓的力道與角度


  • auto aim - 指哪裡射哪裡,這是最簡單的
  • point aim - 瞄準哪裡,就往那個方向射,但是要自己計算重力影響
  • pull string - 自己拉弓,並且控制力道放箭
  • drag anywhere - 類似 pull string,但是可以在任何地方拉弓
英雄一般來說都是駐紮在城堡裡,但是還是可以用 A 和 D 控制英雄左右移動,或者用 W 進駐城堡或者碉堡。



Your kingdom is under attack! You are armed with a legendary bow and can use a variety of spells and different types of magical arrows to defeat your enemy. Use strategy to prioritize your targets and exploit their weaknesses.


Use the Mouse to control firing and select various 'In Game' options.

Goto Play This Game 遊戲連結

While this game does share a couple features with other TD games (towers, obviously, as well as waves of creeps), it fits more closely in with games of the Survival genre.  Some other examples of this type are Last Stand (2), Balloon Invasion, and Turret Defense (2).

The defining feature of Survival games is the manual control of one “turret” which can come in many forms (including a human).  While TD relies a bit more on strategic placement of towers which shoot based on AI, Survival games require you to aim and shoot with your own skill.  A little less brain, a little more brawn.

These games range in complexity.  Turret Defense 2, for example, is fairly simple in that you have your main gun and one alternate fire (rockets).  You survive as long as possible based upon that.

I like to think that the genre evolved somewhat out of the classic Asteroids game.

Bowmaster Prelude, however, is a rather evolved Survival game.

The premise is rather simple: protect your flag from the oncoming creeps by shooting them with your castle-mounted ballista.  If the enemy creeps manage to capture your flag and bring it back to their own flag, you lose.  You win the round by defeating all the enemy creeps.

There are some intricacies, however.  You can upgrade your tower by buying special kinds of arrows (such as fire, ice, exploding, fragmentary…) as well as hire troops (infantry, archers, cavalry, trebuchet…) to defend your castle and/or try and steal the enemy’s flag.  While it might seem like troops are unnecessary at first, in later levels they become absolutely integral (as there are too many units for you to try and deal with by yourself).

Your enemy will also try and destroy your tower.  If they are successful, you can no longer use your ballista, but can only manage your troops.  If the enemy also manages to kill all your on-screen troops, you will lose the round.  This means that you have to worry about trebuchets that your enemy is building.

The terrain can sometimes prove difficult and require quite a bit of precision to get around (not to mention that flying units will cause you endless amounts of aiming frustration).

Micro-managing in this game can be a lot of fun because you need to choose the right units to use at different times, and you can only have a limited number of units on the screen at once.  I find that archers, priests, and trebuchets are the most universally helpful as melee units tend to get killed a little too quickly.

There will be blood.

One last merit that this game garners over many of the others is the manageable blood display.  You can choose how bloody you want your games to be.  This can be a lot of fun if you feel like bringing out your sadistic side.  It’s hard to feel empathy for tiny little flash characters, anyways.

Ok, that’s about it.  I’ll leave you with a video showing one of the later levels where you’re facing off against a giant monster as well as the tiny creeps.


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